Superficial radiotherapy

Superficial radiotherapy uses a low energy X-rays to target and treat non-melanoma skin cancer and other malignancies such as keloids.

It is known as ‘superficial’ radiotherapy as it only penetrates the top layers of the skin (perfect for treatment of BCC and SCC) and spares the deeper underlying tissue from the effects of radiation.

It’s a safe and effective way to cure skin cancer.

The history of superficial therapy

The discovery of X-rays in 1895 by William Roentgen revolutionised medicine.

It is hard to imagine modern medicine without CT scans and X-rays, or to consider cancer treatment without Radiation Oncology. Built on 120 years of experience, the physics, biology and effectiveness of radiotherapy via X-rays is well understood.

Our superficial X-ray therapy has an established track record when treating skin cancer and it is undergoing a renaissance, particularly in treating skin cancer in an ageing population.

How it works

Across our three clinics, we use a machine called the Xstrahl 100 to deliver superficial X-rays with pinpoint accuracy.

The Xstrahl 100 is a modern superficial X-ray unit built to the highest medical and safety specifications in the United Kingdom. It delivers a gentle and targeted X-ray beam that damages the DNA of cancer cells, meaning they can’t survive. The dead cancer cells are eliminated and the skin recovers with good function and a great cosmetic outcome.

We chose this machine as we feel it is the best of its kind available. Its patient affordability, product reliability and range of treatment options also played a significant part in this selection.

The superficial advantage

The Xstrahl machine delivers a precise radiation beam to the skin. We can calculate the depth of skin and provide the exact treatment required to the affected skin only.

Our treatment is faster, therapeutically better and more affordable than other treatment options such as electron therapy.

Quality assurance

There are mandatory radiation protection regulations that must be met and maintained in order to keep you safe. All our treatments are delivered in accordance with the Radiation Health standards in Australia.

With a medical physicist on staff to ensure safety, we also carry out independent checks throughout each treatment plan. Our methodology is highly accurate with daily quality assurance, in addition to more intensive checks regularly performed by our physicist.

The risks associated with our treatment are very small but the benefits are very real.

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