Superficial Radiotherapy explained


Superficial radiotherapy is a revolutionary treatment option for non-melanoma skin cancers, namely Basal Cell Carcinoma’s, Squamous Cell Carcinoma’s and Bowen’s disease. It works by targeting the specific DNA of the skin cancer cell/s only, causing irreversible damage and ultimately, curing the cancer.

This treatment is relatively new amongst the private health sector in Australia but is a leading solution in the USA, UK and Europe. It is a form of radiotherapy so let’s address some commonly asked questions about the treatment.

Is it effective?

Superficial radiotherapy is used as a cure for skin cancer.  It has a five-year recurrence free rate of approximately 90%, which is on par with surgery.

Is it safe?

Superficial radiotherapy is exceptionally safe and complies with Australian safety standards. This treatment uses low energy x-rays to accurately target the skin cancer cell only and doesn’t penetrate the skin deeper than a maximum of 9mm.

Is there side effects?

Side effects are isolated to the area of skin being treated. As the DNA of the cancer is destroyed, the cancer dies and can leave a sore for a few days. Once healed however, fresh new skin remains, and no underlying tissues or organs are effected.

 Is it expensive?

A Medicare rebate is available, so while there is some out of pocket expense it is similar to other treatment options.

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