Patient Case Study – Basal Cell Carcinoma

                        Pre-treatment                                                          Post treatment

                5 months post

Patient Overview

This delightful 95-year-old man had only suffered sun spots prior to his diagnosis. He presented with two basal cell carcinoma’s (BCC); one on his nose and the other on his chin. The BCC on his nose was the more severe of the two and was already an open wound.

Initially, he thought the BCCs were just sores that wouldn’t heal, a very common theme with people suffering with this type of skin cancer. While they were causing a mild discomfort due occasional bleeding and tenderness, but overall, he was in terrific spirits.

When his GP initially made the diagnosis, two treatment options were offered to remove both BCCs – surgery or superficial radiotherapy. Together, the patient and his son opted for superficial radiotherapy due to the less invasive nature of it.

The treatment

Our Radiation Oncologist, Dr Colin Dicks initially met with the patient to confirm the diagnosis and to ensure our treatment was the most appropriate option, not only to treat the cancers, but for the patient himself. Our patient was prescribed a total of 18 treatments for both BCC’s carried out simultaneously over a number of weeks. Treatment is generally spaced out over time, in order to support skin recovery and to achieve greater overall results. Each patient is assessed individually to determine the best course of therapy.

As our patient progressed through treatment, the skin cancer cells died and the end result was fresh new skin in place of a painful skin cancer. Considering our patients age and potentially suppressed immune system, we were thrilled at his speedy recovery.

The outcome

The patient came back to see Dr Dicks five month after treatment had finished and everyone was delighted with the results. No trace of the BCC on his nose or chin was present and the skin had made a complete recovery, with barely any visible affects and no scarring.

Superficial radiotherapy is a great treatment option for those with non-melanoma skin cancers as it directly targets the affected skin cancer cell only, making it extremely safe and effective.

If you have any questions relating to superficial radiotherapy; the process, your suitability or result achieved, please contact us on 07 5348 9460, email or click here to read more on our website.


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