When was the last time you felt important?


When was the last time you felt important?

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that people are exposed to a range of emotions when they require medical care. The negative feelings associated, such as stress, anxiety, fear and depression are expected and easily recognised. If someone we know and love experiences these, we are generally quick to respond and assist, but what about the other feelings?

It’s important to realise, however, that not only negative feelings are associated with medical care; often there is a myriad of positive emotions as well.   I like to think that these positive feelings, such as happiness, optimism, joy, and contentment are more important and have a greater impact on the person experiencing the care, as well as the family and friends sharing their journey.

At Just Skin, along with receiving exceptional skin cancer treatment, it’s our priority to make people feel happy. We start by ensuring our patients know they are important and our day is truly better for knowing them. We have found that opening our hearts has enormous benefits, not only for our patients but also for us. We look forward to coming to work. We look forward to hearing about our patients lives and what happens in them. Every day brings a potpourri of emotion. We see them all and aim to help our patients through the negative, while focusing on the positive.

We have found that by allowing and encouraging people to be happy, they are. It’s infectious, and that happiness spills over to others. Having skin cancer is not fun and neither is the treatment process, but we don’t let this stop our patients, or us, from having fun.

Why not come in, have a coffee and meet our team of ordinarily exceptional people and together, we can create a little more happiness.


Dr. Colin Dicks
Radiation Oncologist and Co-owner

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