Is it even possible?


Some things in life are simply unbelievable.

I have been a Radiation Oncologist on the Sunshine Coast for the past 13 years, with an additional 14 spent in medicine. Every time I work with radiation I remain dumbfounded by how unbelievable it is – I use an invisible, apparent nothing to treat and cure cancer.

It seems my work is science fiction without the fiction.

This fiction first became reality more than 100 years ago with the discovery of radiation. Did you know that radiation was accidently uncovered by William Roentgen in 1895? He realised there was an invisible or unknown effect causing exposure of the photographic film in his laboratory. He called these unknown rays ‘x’ and as you know, the name has stuck.

X-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum includes all vibrations of light, including visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light and X-rays.  To explain it more clearly, similarities can be made using rays of light; we can pass a beam of visible light through a prism and be amazed by the resultant range of rainbow colours caused by different wavelengths of light. X-rays are no more than fast vibrations of light.

We love our mysterious X-rays. They pass though matter, making them perfect for detecting internal structures well hidden from the eye. Most of us have experienced these benefits following a visit to a Radiologist for a diagnostic X-ray. Furthermore, a varied form of these types of X-rays also has the ability to cure cancer by causing irreversible damage to cancer cells. If normal, healthy cells are affected during a course of treatment, this damage is reversible and cells recover.

The first case of successful skin cancer treatment using this method was published in 1903. Today, we have built on this 100 years of experience and are extremely confident that we can cure non-melanoma skin cancers in 95% of people. However, we aim to do better than this. Accompanied by advanced dermoscopy (skin magnifying) and ultrasound techniques, the probability of missing cancer cells is significantly decreased.

X-ray treatment for skin cancer is not for everyone but it is certainly worthwhile considering, particularly when surgery is not an attractive option.  To find out more contact us directly on (07) 5348 9460, visit our website or speak to your GP.

Dr Colin Dicks
Radiation Oncologist and Director
Just Skin Treatment Clinic

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