A day in the life of a medical professional


Working in the medical profession has some exceptional highs, but like all other jobs and industries, it also has some lows.

Depending on your position, you get to experience incredible things such as saving lives, easing pain, mending broken bones, rehabilitating an injury, provide understanding, extending support, working through emotional concerns, and overall helping people from all walks of life through some of their tough times. We firstly care and sometimes cure. This side of our profession is what makes it all worthwhile and is something which, I’m sure, each of us embrace and thrive on.

On the other hand, we are also continually confronted with the loss associated with illness or injury. We share in the pain associated with the diagnosis of an illness and/or recovery, the uncertainty associated with this illness or injury, and unfortunately, sometimes even death. At times we also suffer abuse from those suffering and/or their loved ones. While the lows are part of the profession, they are easily and readily embraced in the privilege of caring, but we do not need to accept abuse.

During these tough times, we know emotions can run high for those involved and it’s imperative that we make sure we consider our patients and their families. But we also must consider the care of all our patients, as well as our colleagues and ourselves. If that means taking a stand against any unacceptable actions or behaviour, it is our duty of care to do so.

In every role in any industry, you take the good with the not so good. Here at Just Skin, we certainly understand the pressure, pain and potential discomfort associated with disease and illness. That is why we aim to spread a bit of joy in the time our patients spend with us. We take exceptional pride in making each and every patient feel nurtured, comfortable and relaxed. Ultimately, we want them to look forward to coming to Just Skin. Not just because the treatment received will cure their ailment 90% of the time, but because of our staff, the ambience and the way they feel when they leave. This is the true driving force behind why we do what we do.

A huge shout out must go to all those in the medical profession doing an incredible job through the highs and lows. We salute you, as well as our patients struggling through health issues. Medicine is not always easy, but it is what we do, and we do it well. We encourage you to continue positively impacting people’s lives and urge you to never forget why you’re doing what you do.

Want to share your positive experiences as a medical professional? Email us at alison@justskin.com.au or comment on our Facebook page and share what area of medicine you’re in and what it is you love most about your job.


Dr. Colin Dicks
Radiation Oncologist and Co-owner

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