Diagnosis of skin cancer

Never ignore a skin concern that doesn’t heal or is changing

There are many diseases that affect the skin, therefore, diagnosing a skin cancer can sometimes be difficult. Make sure you have any type of skin lesion checked by your doctor to avoid serious consequences.

To accurately diagnosis skin cancer, you will need to share your medical history , your doctor will carry out a medical examination , whereby a specialised examination called a dermoscopy will be carried out. This will most likely to be followed by a biopsy of the skin.

A biopsy collects a sample of the skin cancer and allows the pathologist to diagnose the specific type of skin cancer with confidence. Sometimes, a repeat biopsy may be required if  the amount of tissue is insufficient or if rare, unusual or difficult skin cancers present.

Once a skin cancer has been accurately diagnosed, there are a number of treatment options available. The correct treatment depends on the type of skin cancer, as well as individual circumstances and preferences.

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